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Sedg Wicks Snuffer

Sedg Wicks Snuffer


Sedg Wicks vintage inspired brass flame snuffer with wooden handle is the ideal candle lovers companion.


Invented in 1776 by Christopher Pinchbeck the Younger, they were the civilised must have to estinguish your flames and to this day a sure fire way to save your breath and remove the risk of blowing melted wax out of your candles centre.


Made from 100% brass, shaped wooden handle and pivoting bell design on a long stem so you are able to reach the flame no matter how low in the glass.


And do not worry about getting melted wax on the bell, this can easily be flicked off once cool.


The perfect add on to your candle perchase or as an accompanying gift.


F R E E  S H I P P I N G  O N  O R D E R S  O F  £ 5 0  O R  M O R E !

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