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Sedg Wicks 'Love Potion' Diffuser

Sedg Wicks 'Love Potion' Diffuser


Sage, Sandalwood & Ylang Ylang, Crystal empowered diffuser for centring and self love.


Each diffuser is infused with sage, sandalwood and ylang ylang essential oils, to cleanse your mind as well as the air and energy around you. And with our large grey fibre diffuser reeds the more positive energy is absorbed and released into the space around whereever you place it. What's more, each diffuser holds a full moon charged crystals at its base.



Sage Essential Oil is known to stimulate and clarify the mind while exhibiting a balancing, uplifting, soothing, and strengthening effect on the senses to ease negative moods. It is known to promote a sense of attentiveness, enhance memory, and the unique musky, herbal scent is also frequently used as an aphrodisiac due to its ability to promote feelings of relaxation.



Sandalwoods warm, woody aroma soothes nerves and is often used to help promote sexual feelings, especially in men. Researchers have also found that women who inhaled sandalwood essential oil and its main compound during sex reported increased mood and higher levels of desire than those who did not.


Ylang ylang

The sweet floral aroma of ylang ylang has a relaxing effect that makes it popular for romance. The exotic scent calms anxiety and is believed to help release inhibitions. In fact, petals of the ylang ylang flower have traditionally been scattered on the beds of newlyweds. Research also suggests that inhaling ylang ylang essential oil is associated with feelings of euphoria, and helps relieve depression.



100ml glass diffuser with wooden lid

Sage, sandalwood & sage essential oil 

Moon charged crystals

Grey wide reeds


Also available in:


Sage & Ginger

Sage & Fresh Cut Grass

Sage & Garden Mint


F R E E  S H I P P I N G  O N  O R D E R S  O F  £ 5 0  O R  M O R E !

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